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Colonel Richardson High School celebrated students’ accomplishments at their Annual Arts and Academic Show. Families, CCPS board members and staff, and the community were invited to view student work from Project Lead the Way (PLTW) and Visual Fine Arts department. The entire student body was also invited to the show during the school day.

PLTW News Release

All event photos may be viewed on the Caroline Flickr page.

Fine Arts students displayed a multitude of artwork created throughout the year. Media ranged from graphite to charcoal and acrylic, and low fire clays treated with various glazes and finishing techniques. Voting resulted in the following awards:

  • Della Roe - 2nd Place Black and White Media
  • Ismah Ashraf - 3rd Place Black and White Media
  • Hanna McAbee - 1st Place Black and White Media
  • Kayley Lednum - 3rd Place Graphite, CRHS Administration Ribbon
  • Aiyanna Grace - 3nd Place Graphie
  • Brian Gross - 1st Place Graphite
  • Vee Toussaint - 3rd Place Alternate Media
  • Brian Gross - 1st Place Alternate Media, Superintendent Ribbon, National Art Honor Society Purchase
  • Kasey Wright - 2nd Place Alternate Media
  • Aiden Russell - Foundations of Art Ribbon
  • Andy Morales - Board of Education Choice Ribbon
  • Leah Vanderhoff - 2nd Place Scratch Art
  • Aubrey Taylor - 1st Place Scratch Art
  • Emma Brewer - Foundations of Art Ribbon
  • Blaiden Roe - 3rd Place Scratch Art
  • Aubree Senft - Foundations of Art Ribbon
  • Khazina Jawad - 2nd Place Mixed Media
  • Neveah Bailey - Foundations of Art Ribbon
  • Vee Toussaint - Board of Education Choice Ribbon, CRHS Administration Ribbon
  • Kasey Wright - 1st Place Painting, Maryland Congressional Ribbon, Best in Show!
  • Lila Shriefer - 3rd Place Watercolor Painting
  • Alyssa Scully - 1st Place Watercolor Painting
  • Emma Robinson - 2nd Place Watercolor Painting
  • Jasper Brady - 1st Place Mixed Media
  • Trinity Welch - 3rd Place Painting,
  • Viergena Toussaint - CRHS Administration Ribbon
  • Jennifer Castro Rios - 2nd Place Painting
  • Brayant Mira Mira - 3rd Place 3D Alternate Media
  • Hashir Amjad - 1st Place 3D Alternate Media
  • Samrin Zaarah - 3rd Place Mixed Media
  • Makaiah Roberts - 3rd Place Ceramics
  • Lily Keene - Foundations of Art Ribbon
  • Luna Infante Reyes - 2nd Place Ceramics
  • Andy Morales - Foundations of Art Ribbon
  • Jennifer Castro Rios - 1st Place Ceramics, Board of Education Choice Ribbon, CRHS Faculty and Staff Ribbon
  • Oktober Schultz - 2nd Place 3D Alternate Materials