event photos

At the recent Arts & Academic Show at Colonel Richardson High School, Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Biomedical and Engineering Program students presented their Capstone Projects to the public. Capstone projects are a cumulation of the skills students learn to design, test, analyze and evaluate a solution to a problem.  

The presentations were:
  1. Outdoor classroom to help improve mental health:  Manny Wallace, Brayden Dadds, Austin Alexander, and Logan Moyer redesigned the courtyard to make it a usable and calming place that will be sustainable in the future for students to use.
  2. Necklace Organizer:  Katelyn Gosnell and Ally Jester designed and made a case that is portable to help people store their jewelry in a more careful and efficient manner.
  3. Universal Socket: Brayden Wezel, Brandon Rommell, and Jeremiah Cephas Designed an adjustable socket to place on a wrench to help increase the speed of finding the correct socket for different-sized bolts
  4. Lower Extremity Injuries: Moly Coughenhour, Albert Chavez Rameriz, and Trinity Welch designed and tested a video, book, and training plan to strengthen legs to help reduce ACL injuries.
  5. Tracheostomy Cover: People with trachs can have trouble with water entering the trach during shower time.  Ally Taylor, Meghan Lambert, and Clarissa Peugh designed a cover to help prevent the water from entering the trach. 
  6. Organic Dog Scrub: Lexi Beans and Makayla Newcomb designed a scrub to help improve dog bathing time and smell.
  7. Heelys for Animals: Annabeth Hill, Kameron Passwaters, and Hashir Amjad created Helly boots for dogs to help improve the movement of dogs with limited mobility.
  8. Reduce Littering: Kendall Sann and Annie Phillips designed a sign and placed it at Federalsburg Maria to help prevent littering and improve recycling.
  9. Cere(al)bowl: Daniel Hesson, Levi Divjak, and Isaac Uva designed a bowl and spoon to help people with motor function disabilities eat easier.