adults holding artwork

After 16 years of service the Caroline County Board of Education, fellow board members, Dr. Simmons, and the staff said a heartfelt thank you to Mr. James Newcomb, Jr., outgoing president of the board, at his last meeting in mid-November.

Mr. Newcomb was first appointed to a five-year term on the school board in 2006. In 2012, he ran for and was elected to a six-year term on Caroline’s first elected/appointed hybrid school board. He was re-elected in 2018. Mr. Newcomb, his wife and two children are all graduates of Colonel Richardson High School.

At his last meeting, Mr. Newcomb was presented with the gift of an original artwork print, specifically created for the school system, that identifies the location of each school in an outline of Caroline County.

As members and Dr. Simmons noted, Mr. Newcomb has been a steadfast and dependable member of the board since 2006, and has been a strong advocate for students and staff, particularly through some very difficult years. Dr. Simmons stated, "We remain truly indebted to Jim for his years of service and leadership, and wish him the very best in the future."