adults signing papers; adults posing for photo

October 5, 2022 - At the October board of education meeting, the Board signed a new contract with the Caroline County Independent Bus Contractors, LLC. The LLC is comprised of 13 bus drivers who operate regular routes for the school system.

Director of Operations Bill Mengel presented the contract to the Board for their approval. He explained there had been a strong desire for a five-year contract that was “fair and inflationary-friendly,” and addressed supplies and equipment expenses.

Mr. Mengel introduced LLC representatives Jason Bishop, Kevin Parks and Kenny Willis who were in attendance for the signing, and said they were instrumental in helping get through the negotiation process. He added that he appreciated the work of those involved in the negotiation.

Superintendent Derek Simmons said he also appreciated everyone at the negotiating table working through a long-term contract and the frank conversations that were a part of the process.

Board member Rick Barton said it was nice to see the cooperative work between CCPS and the LLC, and President Jim Newcomb thanked everyone for their efforts.