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At the May board of education meeting, Shelbi Briggs from Colonel Richardson High School and Leslie Monter-Casio from North Caroline High School were recognized by the Board for their exceptional service as student representatives to the Caroline County Board of Education during the 2022-2023 school year.

Superintendent Derek L. Simmons thanked the students for representing not only their own high schools but also their feeder middle and elementary schools, and keeping the Board informed and up-to-date. “You both have been a pleasure to work with and leave an outstanding legacy for future student representatives,” he said.

Dr. Simmons noted that as a rising senior, Ms. Monter-Casio would be returning to her position next year, and he hoped she enjoyed her summer break.

As a senior soon to graduate, Ms. Briggs shared that she will be attending Vanderbilt University and double-majoring in Political Science and Environmental Science. Dr. Simmons and the Board wished her the best of luck and provided her with a new iPad, joking it was easier to give her a new device, rather than one that had been locked down per CCPS practice.

It is the policy of the Caroline County Board of Education to have two non-voting student representatives, each representing their high school at meetings throughout the school year. Students are chosen according to the practices of their individual schools and are responsible for providing information about activities and events occurring at their school and the elementary and middle schools in their area.