Coach McCormick

At the February Board of Education meeting, Coach James McCormick was recognized for his years of service to North Caroline High School (NCHS) student-athletes.

In presenting the certificate, Supervisor of Instruction Jon Marketto noted that Mr. McCormick began coaching football at NCHS in 1995 and assumed the role of head coach in 2001. Over the course of his tenure, he achieved a record of 144 wins and 87 losses. This included 4 Bayside championships and two regional championships. He was named Bayside Coach of the Year four times, along with Mid-Shore Coach of the Year, and Ravens Coach of the Week.

Mr. Marketto also shared that as a former coach in a neighboring county, he knew that facing the Bulldog team would be a battle because they were well-coached and tough on the field. “They always played with class and integrity,” he said, “which was a reflection of Coach McCormick’s leadership.”

Superintendent Derek Simmons noted that Mr. McCormick’s contribution to NCHS has been profound; however, his impact on the Bayside Conference and throughout the state has also been significant.  “You’ve been a rock for many folks, not just on your team but in terms of student-athletes and sports in general,” Dr. Simmons said. He added that many students would not have made it to graduation without Mr. McCormick driving them to get there, and many would not have played college football. “You’ve truly been a model of leadership provided to the kids, and a model of how coaches should handle themselves across all programs.”

Board President Rick Barton noted that in his capacity as a volunteer with the football team, he had the pleasure of seeing Coach McCormick interact with players and it was “first class all the way – a lesson in how to interact with young people.”

Photo L-R: Board Member Donna DiGiacomo; NCHS Athletic Director Nash Ireland; Board Member Troy Plutschak; Superintendent Derek Simmons; NCHS Principal Matt Spiker; Coach McCormick; Board Member Michele Wayman; Lindsey McCormick; Supervisor of Instruction Jon Marketto; Board President Rick Barton; Board Vice President Mark Jones.