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CCPS uses the SchoolMessenger notification system. This app allows us to provide timely communication to parents and staff regarding emergencies or school-related cancellations. The system works by delivering a pre-recorded telephone message to phone numbers specified by the parents and staff members.

SchoolMessenger is free to use. The app is available on Android Google Play and the Apple iOS app store. If you prefer to use the website instead of the mobile app, you may access SchoolMessenger here.

Please note: Student families are automatically enrolled in the system using phone numbers provided to the child’s school. Staff are automatically enrolled at the time of employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the goal is to contact every person at the number specified, technical problems may prohibit the successful delivery of messages in every case. Specifically, problems with phone lines or cellular connection quality, ambient noise, telephone privacy services, and some outgoing voicemail or answering machine messages may inhibit message delivery.

The following questions and answers address some of the most common concerns with the system:

How do I log in for the first time and how do I change or add to numbers being called?

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Cheryl Lawrence
Technology Coordinator
[email protected]