PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) is a data system covering administrative needs in our school system. Through the PowerSchool Portal or Mobile App, parents and students get assignments, grades, attendance and more from any browser or mobile device (iOS or Android device, including Apple Watch). Parents can view teacher comments directly from the Gradebook, and can quickly respond via email.

Student and parent/guardian PowerSchool account information:

Student account:

  • has a school-assigned username and password
  • is not attached to any email address
  • does not receive emails with grades or attendance
  • has no preference settings and can only be changed by school system

Parent/Guardian account:

  • has a username and password selected by the parent/guardian
  • is associated with the parent/guardian email address
  • uses a school-issued id and password to add a student to the account
  • can add multiple students to one account
  • can receive emails with grades and/or attendance
  • has some preference settings to change type and frequency of emails, etc.

The student should always sign in using the student account. The parent/guardian should always sign in using the parent/guardian account. Student and parent/guardian should not use the same account.

PowerSchool Access

Need specific help?

  • Username and password, or login issues:
    Brandie Johnson, [email protected]
  • Attendance, grades, and other questions specific to your student:
    Please contact the student's school directly.


Cheryl Lawrence
PowerSchool Administrator
Technology Coordinator
[email protected]