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Digital Tools

Caroline County Public School uses a variety of Digital Tools to provide services and curriculum to our students. Digital Tools are divided into two categories: Essential and Supplemental.

Essential Digital Tools

These are the tools the school system needs to provide your student with necessary administrative and educational services.

Supplementary Digital Tools

These tools are used to enhance instruction and require students to have a username and password. All of these tools have been vetted for curricular alignment (when applicable) as well as for privacy and accessibility compliance.

If you would like to opt your student out of any Supplementary Digital Tools, please send written notice to Amy Shepler (204 Franklin Street Denton, MD 21629). If you have any questions about either an Essential or Supplementary Digital Tool, please email Amy Shepler at [email protected].

Digital Literacy

CCPS is proud to offer all K-6 students an opportunity to learn basic Digital Literacy skills through K-5 students visit the computer lab during their specials rotations to learn skills such as typing, document formatting, basic hardware and software fundamentals, and more. Sixth grade students study the same topics, on a more advanced level, in their technology course.’s cloud-based Easy Tech program provides students with the digital skills they will need to be successful both in the classroom and in the workplace. Please visit’s Parent Resources section to learn more about this exciting program, as well as relevant digital citizenship topics like online safety and cyberbullying.

Common Sense Media

CCPS recognizes that our students are growing up in a world that is very dependent on technology. From cell phones to tablets to computers, our students use technologies on a regular basis. It is always our goal to help our students make good online decisions. We use Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship lesson plans to teach our students about handling cyberbullying, staying safe online, digital privacy, and more.

Common Sense Media also has a terrific section for families that covers a wide variety of topics concerning raising children in a digital age. There are reviews for apps, movies, and websites, sample cell phone contracts and resources for parenting concerns like screen time, social media, and YouTube. While there isn’t a handbook for raising children in a digital age, Common Sense Media provides resources to start the conversation about what’s acceptable and unacceptable for your family.

Digital Issues, News, & Resources

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