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Staff Directory | Caroline County Public Schools (CCPS)

Staff Directory


Please use this directory to contact staff based at the central office and other administrative locations. To contact school-based staff, visit the school website. If you are unable to locate a staff member, please contact the CCPS central office at 410-479-1460 or send a message through our contact form.

Brett Morton Facilities Supervisor of Plant Operations 410-479-1463 x1229 morton.brett@ccpsstaff.org
Charles (Chuck) Petrick Facilities Supervisor of School Construction & Maintenance 410-479-1463 x1228 petrick.charles@ccpsstaff.org
Jill-Anne Benton Finance Accountant 410-479-3263 x1122 benton.jillanne@ccpsstaff.org
Ruth Miller Finance Fiscal Specialist - AR 410-479-3263 x1123 miller.ruth@ccpsstaff.org
Erin Thornton Finance Comptroller 410-479-3263 x1124 thornton.erin@ccpsstaff.org
Marsha Tull Finance Fiscal Specialist - AP 410-479-3263 x1120 tull.marsha@ccpsstaff.org
Amanda (Beth) Brewster Food Services Supervisor of Food Services 410-479-3261 x1223 brewster.amanda@ccpsstaff.org
Amy Crawford Food Services Administrative Assistant - Food Services 410-479-3261 x1226 crawford.amy@ccpsstaff.org
Jennifer Yost Health Services Coordinator of School Health Services 410-479-3253 x1114 yost.jennifer@ccpsstaff.org
Penny Bradley Human Resources Personnel Coordinator 410-479-2894 x1134 bradley.penny@ccpsstaff.org
Beverly Dyer Finance Payroll/Benefits Coordinator 410-479-3263 x1121 dyer.beverly@ccpsstaff.org
Bridget Pennington Human Resources Human Resources Specialist 410-479-2894 x1128 pennington.bridget@ccpsstaff.org
Deborah (Debbie) Siachos Human Resources Supervisor of Human Resources 410-479-2894 x1140 siachos.deborah@ccpsstaff.org
Suzanne Jones Information Technology MIS System Coordinator 410-479-3257 x1126 jones.suzanne@ccpsstaff.org
Charles Ackerson Information Technology Data Systems Manager 410-479-3257 x1125 ackerson.charles@ccpsstaff.org
Mark Cauffman Information Technology Coordinator of Network Services 410-479-1464 cauffman.mark@ccpsstaff.org
Toni Cunningham Human Resources Administrative Assistant - Human Resources 410-479-2894 x1133 cunningham.toni@ccpsstaff.org
Cheryl Lawrence Accountability & Student Data Instructional Technology Coordinator 410-479-2896 x1151 lawrence.cheryl@ccpsstaff.org
Joshua (Josh) Rein Information Technology Data Systems & Energy Management Coordinator 410-479-1463 x1230 rein.joshua@ccpsstaff.org
Robert (Jason) Wielgosz Information Technology Network Services Support Technician 410-479-1464 wielgosz.robert@ccpsstaff.org
Wayne Wiley Information Technology Supervisor of Technology 410-479-1464 wiley.wayne@ccpsstaff.org
Steve Hovland Information Technology Technology Teacher Specialist 410-479-1464 hovland.steve@ccpsstaff.org
Lindsay Grow Instruction Technology Instructional Teacher Specialist 410-479-1460 x1143 grow.lindsay@ccpsstaff.org
Robert (Bob) Thomas Information Technology Technology Teacher Specialist 410-479-1464 thomas.robert@ccpsstaff.org
Amy Shepler Instruction Supervisor of Instruction 410-479-1460 x1143 shepler.amy@ccpsstaff.org
Valerie Ebling Special Education Coordinator of Special Education 410-479-3246 x1146 ebling.valerie@ccpsstaff.org
Christina Schindler Special Education Supervisor of Special Education 410-479-3246 x1112 schindler.christina@ccpsstaff.org
Angela Gebert Special Education Coordinator of Instruction: Birth to Five Special Education & Early Childhood 410-479-3246 x1147 gebert.angela@ccpsstaff.org
Deborah George Instruction Supervisor of Instruction 410-479-3054 x1154 george.deborah@ccpsstaff.org
Carissa Hollinger Special Education Special Education Teacher Specialist 410-479-3246 hollinger.carissa@ccpsstaff.org
Lisa Hopkins Instruction Supervisor of Instruction 410-479-2895 x1144 hopkins.lisa@ccpsstaff.org
Lindsey McCormick Instruction Director of Instruction 410-479-3054 x1129 mccormick.lindsey@ccpsstaff.org
Terri Miller Special Education Administrative Assistant - Special Education 410-479-3246 x1115 miller.terri@ccpsstaff.org
Melissa Mulligan Instruction Supervisor of Instruction 410-479-2896 x1142 mulligan.melissa@ccpsstaff.org
Elizabeth Saylor Special Education Special Education Teacher Specialist 410-479-3246 saylor.elizabeth@ccpsstaff.org
Rhonda Thomas-Warner Instruction Instructional Secretary/Reception 410-479-1460 thomaswarner.rhonda@ccpsstaff.org
Amy Towers Instruction Supervisor of Instruction 410-479-1460 x1141 towers.amy@ccpsstaff.org
Christal Harkowa Instruction Supervisor of Instruction 410-479-3054 x1153 harkowa.christal@ccpsstaff.org
Nancy Robinson Instruction Support Services Coordinator 410-479-1210 x1238 robinson.nancy@ccpsstaff.org
Renee Hesson Instruction Supervisor of Instruction 410-479-3054 x1109 hesson.renee@ccpsstaff.org
Lisa Carroll Special Education Special Education - Data Systems Operator 410-479-3246 x1116 carroll.lisa@ccpsstaff.org
Elizabeth (Twigg) Anthony Special Education Director of Special Programs 410-479-3246 x1118 anthony.elizabeth@ccpsstaff.org
Tyvon Horsey Student Services Pupil Personnel Worker 410-479-3253 x1113 horsey.tyvon@ccpsstaff.org
Melissa Prettyman Student Services Pupil Personnel Worker 410-479-3253 x1150 prettyman.melissa@ccpsstaff.org
William (Bill) Allen Student Services Supervisor of Pupil Services 410-479-3253 x1148 allen.william@ccpsstaff.org
Nicole Fisher Student Services Supervisor of Alternate Programs 410-479-0100 fisher.nicole@ccpsstaff.org
Kimberly Jantz Student Services Pupil Services Secretary 410-479-3253 x1145 jantz.kimberly@ccpsstaff.org
Derek Simmons Student Services Director of Student Services 410-479-3253 x1111 simmons.derek@ccpsstaff.org
Rosemary (Rose) Thomas Student Services Coordinator of Special Programs 410-754-2467 thomas.rosemary@ccpsstaff.org
Sandi Barry Superintendent's Office Public Relations Coordinator 410-479-3054 x1153 barry.sandra@ccpsstaff.org
Vivian Fisher Superintendent's Office Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent & Board of Education 410-479-3250 x1160 fisher.vivian@ccpsstaff.org
Debora Mitchell Superintendent's Office Administrative Assistant to Instruction 410-479-3252 x1105 mitchell.debora@ccpsstaff.org
Milton Nagel Superintendent's Office Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services 410-479-1210 x1239 nagel.milton@ccpsstaff.org
Patricia (Patty) Saelens Superintendent's Office Superintendent of Schools 410-479-3250 saelens.patricia@ccpsstaff.org
Teresa (Terry) Liszewski Transportation Transportation Specialist 410-479-3260 x1207 liszewski.teresa@ccpsstaff.org
Carmen Milligan Transportation Transportation Supervisor 410-479-3260 x1218 milligan.carmen@ccpsstaff.org
Kathleen (Katey) Fisher Instruction Literacy Initiatives Teacher Specialist allisfisher.kathleen@ccpsstaff.org
Sandra Smith Instruction Science Teacher Specialist 410-479-2896 x1137 smith.sandra@ccpsstaff.org
Victor Sheets Information Technology Technology Support Specialist 410-479-1464 sheets.victor@ccpsstaff.org
Dennis Younce Information Technology Telecommunications/Computer Technician 410-479-1464 younce.dinnis@ccpsstaff.org
Garrett Shull Transportation Transportation Driver Trainer 410-479-3260 x1206 buckle.leonard@ccpsstaff.org
Shane Dickinson Transportation Transportation Coordinator 410-479-3260 x1208 dickinson.shane@ccpsstaff.org
Samantha Figueroa Food Services Food Services Operations Manager 410-479-3261 x1225 figueroa.samantha@ccpsstaff.org
Brandie Johnson Accountability & Student Data Data Systems Operator 410-479-3054 x1152 johnson.brandie@ccpsstaff.org
Michael (Rico) Gestole School Security School Security/Safety Coordinator 410-479-1210 x1233 gestole.michael@ccpsstaff.org
Susan Phillips Purchasing Purchasing Agent 410-479-1210 x1236 phillips.susan@ccpsstaff.org
Jacqueline Young Student Services Pupil Personnel Worker 410-479-3253 x1113 young.jacqueline@ccpsstaff.org
Tearesa French Student Services Supervisor of Family Support Center, Federalsburg Judy Center & Greensboro Judy Center 410-479-3856 or 410-479-5059 french.tearesa@ccpsstaff.org
Cara Calloway Student Services Mental Health Coordinator 410-479-0100 calloway.cara@ccpsstaff.org