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School Messenger

CCPS uses SchoolMessenger to provide staff and student families information from their specific school and/or the school system. Employees are automatically enrolled using phone numbers obtained during the employment process. You can change your contact numbers through the Contact Manager, however if you get a new main contact number, please contact your school or Human Resources make an official change. To learn more, please see the FAQ section on our School Messenger page.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Parents and Employees can now opt in to receive text messages using Contact Manager. In Contact Manager, look for the section for SMS and enter the phone number(s) at which you would like to receive text messages. Select the types of messages for which you want to receive texts (you will receive texts only if the message sender adds SMS as one of the ways to deliver the message). Caroline County Public Schools will not be responsible for any charges your cellular carrier may apply for receiving text messages.


Deborah Siachos
Supervisor of Human Resources
410.479.2894 | [email protected]

Penny Bradley
Personnel Coordinator
410.479.2894 x1133 | [email protected]

Beverly Dyer
Payroll/Benefits Coordinator
410.479.2894 x1134 | [email protected]

Bridgett Pennington
Human Resources Specialist
410.479.2894 x1128 | [email protected]

Toni Cunningham
Human Resources Secretary
410.479.2894 x1133 | [email protected]