YouTube Safety & Resources for Parents


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Many families in Caroline County are concerned about the content that students are exposed to through YouTube, and with good reason. YouTube can be a fantastic resource for entertainment and education, but it also has a tremendous amount of content that is not suitable for children. This content can be easily accessed by children unless proper safeguards are in place.

The following resources will help you set the YouTube controls and filters that are appropriate for your family.

The Parent Resources Section on YouTube
This section provides lots of information about inappropriate content, how to use restricted mode, and other safety settings.

YouTube Kids App
This app is specifically designed for kids and offers only safe, family-friendly content. If you allow your child to access YouTube through a tablet or phone, you may want to consider installing the Kids App instead of the standard YouTube app.

Common Sense Media Information re: YouTube
Common Sense Media is a trusted resource for families who want to ensure that their children have positive screen time experiences. They provide information about using YouTube based on different age levels. They also offer extensive FAQs, tips, articles, and videos about safe YouTube usage.

We hope you find these resources helpful! By investing some time in understanding YouTube controls, you can provide your child with a safe, enriching online experience. Happy watching!