Volunteer Handbook Revised for Student Safety


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In a continued effort to provide a safe learning environment for all students, Caroline County Public Schools has revised the Volunteer Program which will now utilize a tiered system approving individuals.

All volunteers will continue to be cleared through the National Sex Offender Registry, and will now be required to complete annual training either in-person or online.

Individuals who more frequently serve our students and those who volunteer as chaperones for overnight field trips will now require a more detailed background check which includes fingerprinting.

Superintendent of Schools Patricia Saelens stated, “Our schools depend on volunteers and the support they provide to our programs and services. We hope the new requirements convey not only how much we value volunteers, but also the fact that our greatest responsibility is ensuring the safety and security of students and staff.”

For more information about the Volunteer Program, please see the Volunteer Handbook  available on our website, or call your school for more information.