Textbook Adoption: Social Studies; US Government & Politics; World History


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The following textbooks will be recommended for adoption by the Board of Education of Caroline County for the 2021-2022 school year:

  1. Elementary Social Studies (Grades 4 & 5): Banks, J. A. (2020). Impact Social Studies: U.S. History: Making a New Nation. McGraw Hill Education
  2. AP US Government & Politics: Abernathy, S., & Waples, K. (2021). American Government: Stories of a Nation, For the AP Course. Bedford, Freeman & Worth
  3. World History (High School) Ellis, E. G., & Esler, A. (2021). World History: The Modern Era. SAVVAS/Pearson

These textbooks will be available for preview from Monday, May 23 through Tuesday, June 7, 2020, in the front lobby of the Caroline County Board of Education located at 204 Franklin Street, Denton, Maryland.

Interested citizens are encouraged to use the opportunity to examine the books before they are recommended to the Board of Education for adoption. To provide feedback after reviewing and of the books, please use the appropriate textbook feedback form linked below. (Please note that the form must be opened using a Chrome or Google browser.)