Students & Families Show Commitment to Continuity of Learning


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April 21, 2020 – At the April board of education meeting, Dr. Saelens shared data that assessed Week One of the Continuity of Learning Plan. Since that time, data from the second week has been compiled for comparison.

“Very clearly, our teachers, students, and families are showing great commitment to continuing student learning during this difficult time,” stated Dr. Saelens. “These numbers in the first two weeks are impressive, especially given the challenges many families are facing right now.”

Data does not account for students who are using paper packets for instruction. For students who have not connected either online or by picking up a packet, administrators, counselors and student services are working to account for each one through various forms of communication.

In kindergarten through 8th grade, students are using iReady to access math and reading lessons. i-Ready is an interactive online learning environment designed to assess students and provide individualized instruction based on each one’s unique needs.

In iReady Reading, 2,938 students have logged on to date, which represents an increase of 58 students in Week Two. In iReady Math 2,890 students have logged on to date, which represents an increase of 95 students in Week Two. The program also provides overall data on time used to complete lessons and average pass rates. Teachers have access to each student’s individual progress.

At the high school level, a student’s entire schedule has been recreated, with the exception of career internships, through a combination of APEX Learning and Google Classroom. APEX data shows:
• 88% of students accessed online learning both weeks
• 89 high school teachers are teaching courses through APEX
• 1,555 high school students are enrolled in APEX courses
• Data for both high schools remained consistent between Week One and Week Two

Dr. Saelens shared, “In Week Three, we continue to work on making sure every student is accounted for, that students and families are increasingly comfortable with learning platforms, and resources continue to be added to the Continuity of Learning Plan.”