Statement Regarding Planned Demonstration


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The Caroline County Board of Education is aware of efforts by the Caroline County Education Association (CCEA) to organize a demonstration at the central office tonight. The Board and Superintendent fully support individuals peacefully exercising their first Amendment rights.

Regarding requests for specific information:

  • The CCPS Recovery Plan is available on the website at and includes a list of Stakeholder Group members.
  • A news release dated August 13, 2020, regarding employee layoffs is available under CCPS News. The release stated that impacted employees were placed on a recall list. As of this date, several employees have been recalled, and we look forward to continuing that process as students return to buildings.
  • Prior to teachers returning to their buildings, they were provided the opportunity to request teleworking accommodations.
  • Teachers were also provided the opportunity to request a family accommodation, enabling them to bring their school-aged child with them to their classroom.

The Board and Superintendent understand these are difficult and challenging times for everyone involved, and will continue to work with employees, families, and the community to make decisions that are in the best interest of students.