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Updated Oct. 1, 2020: Changes to Meal Delivery Service as of 10/5/2

CCPS Food Services will continue providing free breakfast and lunch to Caroline County children ages 2–18 through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). Last week, the USDA announced an extension of the free meal program through the end of September, with the possibility of another extension through the end of 2020.

Please note:

  • Families needing to either start service for children or discontinue their current service should call CCPS Food Services at 410-479-3261.
  • Home delivery will continue to families who have been receiving summer meal service.
  • There are no income requirements.

Delivery Schedule for Distance Learning Students

  • Home deliveries begin on Tuesday, September 8.
  • Home deliveries will be made prior to 1:00 pm, every weekday that schools are open.
  • There will be no deliveries on days that schools are closed.
  • Any changes to the schedule will be communicated to families.

Meal Service for Students in the School Buildings – Students who are in the school buildings will receive free meals under the USDA program.

While meals for all children are currently free, families who normally fill out Free and Reduced Meal Benefit applications should still complete and turn in the application. Meal benefit applications affect school programs such as Title 1, Maryland Meals for Achievement and other initiatives that benefit children.