Preston Teacher Recipient of Walmart Foundation Grant


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Preston Elementary School is the recipient of a $1,000 award from the Walmart Community Grant Foundation. First grade teacher Katherine Geisler applied for the grant by submitting an essay detailing her idea for a sensory pathway in the pre-k/first grade wing of the building.

A typical sensory pathway consists of several exercises specifically designed to develop motor skills. The high-energy nature of many of these exercises, which require children to hop, step, and jump, can also be a great “brain break” for children throughout the school day.  It is a colorful, creative and playful way for children to build sensory pathways, connections in the brain that are responsible for sight, touch, sound, etc., which enable them to complete complex, multi-stage tasks. Children develop motor skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness while incorporating exercise into their daily routine.

Ms. Geisler and PES Principal Mr. Angeloni received the award at a Walmart event on August 9. Ms. Geisler stated, “Providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses is crucial to brain development – it helps to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways.” She thanked Walmart for “giving our school this wonderful opportunity to purchase and install this sensory path that will benefit many children in many ways for years to come.”