Preliminary Recovery Plan Presented by Superintendent


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At the June 30 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Patricia Saelens presented the CCPS Preliminary Recovery Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Preliminary Recovery Plan – Spanish

Preliminary Recovery Plan – Haitian Creole

The plan details the resources and requirements guiding the final plan, which includes a Recovery Plan Stakeholder Group that has been meeting throughout the spring and summer. The Board discussed the extensive planning required by every area of CCPS, and the various instructional plans to be implemented, based on the direction of the Maryland State Department of Education and the COVID-19 spread. Dr. Saelens shared that the final Recovery Plan should be ready for publication and distribution in early August.

The Recovery Plan timeline includes a family survey being conducted today through July 8, followed by a staff survey beginning on July 8. Because of the continuing uncertainty of the pandemic, surveys will be conducted again in early August.

Dr. Saelens also stressed the importance of families keeping their email information up-to-date with the schools, and closely monitoring emails that will be the primary method of communication throughout the summer.