Planning Underway for 2021 Graduation


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Updated 3/17/21: Please see the revised plans for North Caroline High School.

2/17/21: Planning is underway for both Colonel Richardson High School and North Caroline High School to conduct outdoor graduation ceremonies in their respective stadiums  this spring.

Colonel Richardson High School’s graduation is scheduled for June 3rd at 6:00 pm, with a rain date of June 4th, same time. Given the number of seniors graduating and the outdoor space available, only one ceremony will be required.

North Caroline High School will have two graduation ceremonies because of the large number of graduates and the space required. Half the class will graduate on June 5th at 10:00 am and the other half on June 5th at 6:00 pm. The rain date for both ceremonies is June 6th, same times. Once plans are finalized, seniors will be advised by the school as to whether they are assigned the morning or afternoon ceremony.

Both schools are in the process of determining the number of guest tickets to be made available to each senior, based on space available. Plans to livestream each ceremony are also being developed.

Superintendent Patty Saelens said, “At this point in time, we believe that outdoor graduations may be held safely with the proper precautions in place. While we have learned that circumstances can change rapidly, our staff is very resourceful when unexpected challenges arise. For now, we’ll hope for the best and continue to develop this plan.”