Molly is top dog at Greensboro Elementary School


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Since the beginning of the school year, Greensboro Elementary School (GES) has had something to happily bark about with certified therapy dog Molly, owned by the Baury family, working in Mrs. Baurys’ second grade classroom. Molly’s job has been to create a positive experience for the students every Tuesday when she arrives with her current-holiday bandana and a wagging tail.

Molly has been an asset to the children she works with and the GES staff.  She is a patient and gentle soul who is content to accommodate anyone in need of a hug. When asked where Molly likes to be petted, Mrs. Baurys’ response is, “Anywhere! Molly does not ask for much. She loves human touch and is happy to help out any child or teacher in need.”

Therapy dogs must undergo training and in some areas, pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and certification test. The training includes a basic manners/obedience class which exposes the dog to a variety of people and situations.

Research has shown that therapy dogs are able to provide physical, social, and emotional benefits, and serve as family in place of, or in addition to, our human “pack.” GES is tracking certain data this year to gauge whether the presence of a therapy dog provides benefit to the school. In the meantime, Molly continues to be an important and loving part of the GES family.