i-Ready Diagnostic Begins for Grades 2-8


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Get Ready!  i-Ready Diagnostic begins for Grade 2-8, with the exception of 8th grade Algebra students.

English/Language Arts – Sept. 17-18
Math: October 8-9th

On student’s device during class

What is the Diagnostic?
It is a tool for teachers to gauge where students are in their learning. Teachers will use the information to drive instruction targeted to a student’s needs and address unfinished learning.

What do students have to do?
Simply log into class on the assigned day. Teachers will walk student through the steps to begin the diagnostic. Teachers will also be monitoring the process to help students with technical questions or issues.

What do parents / guardians / caregivers need to do?
Encourage your student to do his or her best on the diagnostic so teachers have the most accurate information about the student’s learning. Helping students with actual content or questions will not provide good information to the teacher.



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