Greensboro Elementary School: New Construction


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school and county officials putting shovels into ground

We are excited to share that CCPS is currently in the process of building a new Greensboro Elementary School that will replace the existing building. Check out the details below, and let us know if you would like more information.

Why build a new school instead of renovating the existing building?

Renovating and adding onto the 44-year-old existing school, which was built with an “open” classroom design, would significantly increase the cost of the project. While the “bones” of the existing school are still solid, a feasibility study proved that a two-story building on a smaller footprint will be less expensive to build and more efficient to operate.

Will the new school be larger?

The existing school is 72,000 square feet, and the new school will be approximately 94,500 square feet.

What will happen to the old school?

Once the new school is complete, the old school will be demolished to make way for a new Greensboro Judy Center and playing fields while retaining the existing parking lots and exterior canopy system.

When will the new school open?

CCPS has a targeted completion date of summer 2021, allowing staff and students to return to a new school for the 2021-22 school year.

Have the GES staff and families had input into the project?

Yes. The architectural firm conducted staff meetings and community nights to receive input on the design of the building and grounds.

Why is the building going to be two stories instead of the tradition one story structure?

A two-story structure allows for a smaller “footprint” than a larger one-story structure, which is more cost effective. The building will have an elevator for students and staff with physical disabilities.

How much will the new school cost?

At this time, the projected budget is approximately $47.48 million.

How will CCPS fund this project?

The project will be funded from two sources:

  • State of Maryland: $28.48 million
  • Local – Caroline County: $19 million

Why was Greensboro chosen as the next school construction project?

Annually, CCPS develops the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), approved by the CCPS Board of Education. Because they both provide funding, this plan must be approved by the county and state governments. A whole host of conditions are factored into prioritizing projects, especially overcrowding such as Greensboro has been experiencing for many years.


For more information, please contact:

Milton Nagel, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, [email protected]


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