“Feeding Caroline During COVID-19” Tells an Amazing Story


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What does it take to feed a community during a time of crisis? It’s one thing to tally daily numbers, and see those numbers add up – 174,500 meals to students, 41,600 to seniors, 14,300 weekend backpack meals between mid-March and mid-June. It’s quite another to actually see how those numbers came to be through the leadership of the CCPS food services team coupled with the heart of a community with volunteers, agencies, and businesses on a mission. All this is captured in an amazing video directed, filmed and edited by Rob Simmons and produced by Caroline County Public Schools Shore Films.

Samantha Figueroa, CCPS Food Operations Manager, explained in the video, “Our biggest concern when all this went down was how are we going to make sure our children are still getting access to healthy food? (After some time) We realized we needed to spread out and bring more people in because the need kept growing as this went on week after week.”

“Across our whole community, people came together to simply say, what can I do?” stated Superintendent Patty Saelens in the video. “We couldn’t ask for a better community to work together as partners. People have been more kind than I’ve ever seen and that has been our silver lining.”

The video may currently be accessed through this link, and will soon be available on the CCPS Vimeo page.