Empower Me! Training held with CCPS staff and partners


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Caroline County Department of Human Services, in collaboration with Caroline County Public Schools, recently offered the Empower ME! Training at the CCPS office in Denton. Each elementary school designated a kindergarten and 1st grade teacher to take part in this worthwhile training designed to prevent child abuse.

Throughout the nation, the Empower Me! Training has been offered to elementary schools, afterschool programs, childcare facilities, and many other youth-serving organizations as a way to prevent child abuse. Empower Me! teaches children to identify their safety net of trusted adults and encourages them to reach out to one of those adults if anyone is trying to break their safety rules. Its intent is to encourage communication between the children and the adults in their life about this important topic, just as we do with any other danger. The curriculum is upbeat, positive and active. It moves away from what scares the child and moves to what action steps they can take when someone is asking them to break a safety rule. This program is designed to help facilitate those important conversations to keep kids safe.

Caroline County Public Schools values our partnership with the Caroline County Department of Human Services, and was pleased to host this training for our staff and community resource personnel. Funding for this program was generously provided by the Caroline County Department of Human Services’ new Child Advocacy Center.