Device-Free Dinners


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When was the last time your family sat around the dinner table with no cell phones or tablets? It’s not only kids who are guilty of dinnertime distractions with digital devices – parents do it too!


#DeviceFreeDinner is a campaign by Common Sense media that asks families to set boundaries on bringing devices to the dinner table. The goal is to help family members connect with one another without distractions. It’s all about helping families have more meaningful, face-to-face conversations. Removing screens from the dinner table is an important first step!

The Family Dinner Project

The Family Dinner Project is another initiative that helps families manage whether, when, and how much tech should be served with dinner. This site offers extensive resources such as conversation starters, simple recipes, dinner games, and more. It even offers a tool to help you track how many device-free dinners your family has shared.

Life is busy, and it may not always be possible to have a device-free family dinner. However, whenever it is feasible, your family will benefit from sharing a distraction-free meal together. We hope these resources will help you plan a fun family dinner night!