CRHS Students Shine at Sixth Annual Arts & Academic Show


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Colonel Richardson High School celebrated students’ accomplishments at their Sixth Annual Arts and Academic Show. Families, CCPS board members and staff, and the community were invited to view student work from Project Lead the Way (PLTW) and Visual Fine Arts department. The entire student body was also invited to the show during the school day.

PLTW Engineering and Biomedical students developed and presented individual and collaborative capstone projects.  These projects were developed to solve problems by engineering new concepts, experimenting to improve procedures, or developing public health campaigns.  Students researched their topic, developed possible solutions, tested the solutions, revised as needed and then presented their findings to visitors in a professional manner.  Students’ lab coats were generously donated by the Federalsburg and Preston Lions Clubs.

  • Logan McAlpine – Roblox Game to help with studying
  • Pearl Uva and Dylan Sedgwick – Pill bottle lid to aid in dispensing the correct number of pills
  • Bridgette Burke and Andie Trick – Develop an improved Athletic Training Room
  • Saleta Nichols and Tim Goodger – Design magnetic glasses to reduce the number of broken frames
  • Nathan Howard – Test UV light for improved cleaning between patients at Dr. Office
  • Zoha Ahmed – Design Ceiling Tiles for Colonel Richardson Middle School Bathroom to help prevent vaping
  • Chloe Young – Design an easier way to push wheelchairs
  • Tayrn Waters – Public health campaign on smoking at Lockerman Middle School
  • Aaliyah Holmes – Public health campaign on sleep at Colonel Richardson Middle School
  • Rachel Gillespie and Olivia Lane – Reducing Pain in Athletes by improving muscle therapy

Fine Arts students displayed over 315 works of art created throughout the year. Media ranged from graphite to charcoal and acrylic, and low fire clays treated with various glazes and finishing techniques.

Voting resulted in the following awards:

  • Best in Show – Ella VonDenBosch – oil painting portrait of Jennifer Aniston
  • CRHS Staff Award – Charley Blunt – acrylic painting of strawberries on a chair
  • Board of Education Awards:
    • Superintendent– Sam Souil – Charcoal Portrait
    • James Newcomb – Aubrey Lindner – Portrait of Tom Collins
    • Richard Barton- Taylor Howard- Horse Charcoal Drawing
  • CRHS Administration Awards
    • Kayla Scully – Tea Cup Set
    • Annabeth Hill – Printmaking
  • CRHS Foundation Awards
    • Allison Hoffman – Mixed Media Tree and Poem
    • Shawn Collins – Shark Mosaic
    • Manny Dadds – Ceramic Container
    • Vee Toussaint- Turtle Scratchboard
    • Adan Alvi- Graphite Portrait
    • Adrian Macias Herrera- Watercolor


  • Mix Media
    1st – Brieanna Phillips – Liberty
    2nd – Jasper Brady – Triptych portrait
    3rd – Cole Vanderbyl – Plexi and acrylic portrait
  • Painting
    1st – Ivenson Jacquessaint – Portrait of a Woman
    2nd – Brian Gross – Portrait with Glasses
    3rd – Ava Einstein – Self Portrait
  • 3D
    1st – Kayla Scully – Paper Mache Sculpture
    2nd – Charley Blunt – Strawberry Chair
    3rd – Keimyah Henry- Merritt – Dragon Wing Container
    Honorable Mention- Emily Burke- Paper Mache
  • Printmaking
    1st – Bobby Schmick – Toxic
    2nd – Hannah Willis – Lotus Flower
    3rd – Jennifer Castro-Rios – Sitting Girl
  • Foundations Graphite
    1st –Austin Matthews – Portrait of a Boy
    2nd – Juan Sanchez-Diego – Portrait
    3rd – Reese Mangum– Still Life
    Honorable Mention- Madi Crew- Portrait of her Great Grandfather
  • Advanced Black and White Media
    1st – Samrin Zaarah – Portrait of a Girl
    2nd – Taylor Howard – Horse Drawing
    3rd – Cole Vanderbyl – Portrait of Naruto
    Honorable Mention- Ivenson Jacquessaint- Self Portrait
  • Alternative 2D Media
    1st – Daniel Banko – Edited Park Scene Photography
    2nd – Khazina Juwad – Colored Pencil Figure
    3rd – Brandon Copper – Abstract photo
  • Pastel
    1st – Allison Dixon – Paint Palette
    2nd – Rick’iah Keyser – Portrait
    3rd – Ella VonDenBosch – Starry Night
  • Scratchboard
    1st – Meghan Stewart – Lioness
    2nd – Neveah Wongus – snake
    3rd – Hailey Novak – starfish
    Honorable Mention –Cameron Todd – Gorilla

Photos from the event are available on the CCPS Flickr page.