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Naval Science I

Course Number: 85001
Subject: Other Courses
Major/Program of Study: Military Service
Course Length: 5 periods/week/semester
Credit: 1 credit (Elective)
Dual Enrollment: No
AP Designation: No

The Naval Junior Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) program is designed to teach the student self-discipline, self-confidence, and leadership while introducing the basics of Naval Science, Naval History and Tradition, and Citizenship. The curriculum includes leadership, naval organization and tradition, U.S. Government, maritime geography, Naval History, navigation, seamanship, and health. Successful completion of three years of NJROTC allows entry into the armed forces at a pay grade two levels above other enlistees. There is no obligation to join the armed forces for NJROTC participants.
Prerequisite and other notes: Course is offered as a regional program in Talbot County Public Schools at Easton High School.