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Mastery of Cosmetology (#3)

Course Number: 837
Subject: Consumer Services, Hospitality & Tourism
Major/Program of Study: Careers in Cosmetology
Course Length: 15 periods/week/semester
Credit: 3 credits (CTE credit)
Dual Enrollment: No
AP Designation: No

This course provides students the opportunity to further refine and apply skills that support all aspects of the cosmetology industry. It will assist in preparing students to obtain employment and advance in the field of cosmetology upon passing the State Board of Cosmetologists licensing examination. Students will learn the fundamentals of small business management and complete a senior capstone project/portfolio. Upon completion of this course students may be eligible to apply for the 1,000-hour letter to participate in a work-based learning experience. Upon successful completion of the first 1,000 hours of the program and the instructor’s recommendation, students will be eligible to participate in up to 300 hours of a supervised work-based learning experience in an off-site salon setting. These experiences are organized around a training plan that is cooperatively developed by the school and the employer to add value to and extend a student’s career preparation.
Prerequisites and other notes: Advanced Cosmetology: Theory and Application (836). Students earn 405 hours toward the 1,500 hours required for licensure. Recommended for grade 11. Students must take and pass State Boards at the end of this class in lieu of taking a Cosmetology Practicum Course (838/ 839). The State Board Exam must be taken and passed prior to beginning the final practicum course.