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Fundamentals of Construction & Drafting

Course Number: 870
Subject: Construction & Development
Major/Program of Study: Computer Aided Drafting & Design Construction Technology Elective
Course Length: 5 periods/week/semester
Credit: 1 credit (CTE credit)
Dual Enrollment: No
AP Designation: No

This course provides an introduction and overview of the areas of construction and drafting technologies. The student will develop basic skills in both manual and computer aided drafting and design. The student will gain hands-on experience in the use of the hand and power tools used in the construction industry. Projects, which incorporate basic construction techniques, will be completed. The student will become aware of career opportunities in the areas of construction and development. Practical applications of mathematics and other academic skills will be integrated into all course activities. The development of safe work habits and effective workplace readiness will be an important element of this course.
Prerequisites and other notes: Foundations of Building & Construction (80840), Computer Aided Drafting and Design – CADD I (871), Residential and Light Commercial Construction Technology I (873). Recommended for grades 11-12.