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Food Service Professional II

Course Number: 902
Subject: Consumer Services, Hospitality & Tourism
Major/Program of Study: Food & Beverage Management (Prostart)
Course Length: 10 periods/week/semester
Credit: 2 credits (CTE credit)
Dual Enrollment: No
AP Designation: No

Students enrolled in this course will continue to prepare a variety of foods. They will create menus and demonstrate various types of restaurant service. They will apply purchasing techniques and demonstrate an understanding of inventory monitoring and control. Students will have the opportunity for an authentic, mentored work-based learning experience. Students successfully completing this course will be able to:

– Describe the history of food service and hospitality.
– Describe various types of lodging establishments and career opportunities associated with each type.
– Identify global cultures and traditions related to food preparation and service.
– Prepare a variety of foods including desserts, based goods, meat, poultry and seafood, stocks, soups and sauces.
– Define and develop a variety of menus and food service styles effective of the industry.
– Apply concepts of purchasing and inventory control.
– Apply mathematical concepts relevant to the restaurant and food service industry.
– Demonstrate effective teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Prerequisites and other notes: Food Service Professional I (901), Food Service Professional Practicum I (903). Recommended for students in grades 11-12.