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Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)

Course Number: 80873
Subject: Manufacturing, Engineering & Techonology
Major/Program of Study: PLTW Engineering
Course Length: 5 periods/week/semester
Credit: 1 credit (CTE credit)
Dual Enrollment: No
AP Designation: No

The major focus of the Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) is a long-term project that involves the development of a local property site. Teachers and students develop property as a simulation to model the real-world experiences that civil engineers and architects experience when developing property. Students work in teams, exploring hands-on projects and activities to learn the characteristics of Civil Engineering Architecture. Students use Rivet, which is a state-of-the-art 3D design software package from AutoDesk, to help them design solutions to solve their major course project. Students learn about documenting their projects, solving problems, and communicating their solutions to their peers and members of the professional community of Civil Engineering and Architecture.
Prerequisites and other notes: IED (80872), POE (80871), DE (80874). Recommended for Grades 11 and 12.