Caroline Students Participate in History Day Competition


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More than 80 students at Colonel Richardson Middle School, Lockerman Middle School, Colonel Richardson High School and North Caroline High School participated in the National History Day competition, the theme of which was Triumph and Tragedy.

National History Day is an educational program that encourages students to produce creative history research projects and enter them in local, state, and national competitions. The competition has a junior division for grades six through eight and a senior division for grades nine through 12. Students may work individually or in small groups of 2-5 people, and entries in each division are judged separately at all levels of competition. Students first present their entries on the local level, and the winners are then eligible to move onto the state level.

Photos available on the CCPS Flickr page.

Caroline County Results

Individual Exhibits Middle School
Tyla Dickerson – Rosa Parks- CRMS
Julie Christopher- Battle of Gettysburg – LMS

Honorable Mention:
Anne Phillips-Equal Rights- CRMS
Hannah Willis-CRMS
Tierra Black-Penicillin-LMS

Individual Exhibits High School
Kings Armand – Alice Paul and Women’s Suffrage- CRHS
Preston VanSchaik- Tet Offensive-CRHS

Honorable Mention:
Kayla Whitby- Salem Witch Trials -CRHS

Group Exhibits High School
Natalie Arnold, Pearl Uva, Kayla Scully- Atomic Bomb Dropping

Honorable Mention:
Tatum Cecil, Wayne Brown, Caroline Newcomb-Smallpox- CRHS

Group Exhibits Middle School
Coral Hall, Lily Welch, Irene Gonzalex-Santizo- Polio- LMS
Kadence Quarles, Zoe Fretterd, Special Olympics-LMS

Honorable Mention:
Ty Batson, Tyliah Strickland, Kelsie Monath- Yellow Fever- LMS

Group Websites Middle School
Morgan Rizer, Brooke Gauk Quincy Simmons- Secretariat-LMS
Jan Hernandez, Cole Rholetter- Cannabilism in Jamestown-LMS

Honorable Mention:
Faith Wright, Ximena Castro- Titanic- LMS

Group Websites High School
Gideon Shamp, Nick Kane- The Big Bone War- NCHS

Individual Website Middle School
Albert Ramirez-Cesar Chavez- CRMS
Malayah Phillips- LMS

Honorable Mention:
Noah Mathis-the Apache Wars- LMS

Individual Website High School
Adeline Copland-Spivey- America’s Private Prisons- NCHS
Delany Dorr- St. Valentine’s Day Massacre- NCHS

Honorable Mention:
Jenifer Garcia- CRHS

Individual Documentary High School
Corinna Crenshaw (NCHS/Homeschooled) Eastland Disaster
Cssandra Brey- Charlie Chaplin- CRHS

Paper High School
No Winners were selected for this category

Honorable Mention:
Lindsey Groves- National Parks- NCHS

Paper Middle School
Isabella Garland- Olympic Plane Crash of 1961- LMS

Group Performance Middle School
Landon Bedo, Jayden Scott, Joey Wojcik- Oregon Trail- LMS

Group Documentary Middle School
Honorable Mention: Breezy Wurtz, Taryn Brandt, Hatteras Ghrist- Galveston Hurricane- LMS

*No winners were selected for this category