Calendar Update: Snow Days Remain Unused


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Caroline County Public Schools has five (5) inclement weather days built into the 2019-2020 school year calendar. As of today, no days have been used. If this remains unchanged, June 10 will be the last day for students and June 11 the last day for most 10-month staff. Please see the plan below for changes to the calendar in the event of inclement weather days:

Inclement Weather Days Used Last Student Day - Half Day Last day for most 10-month staff
0 June 10 June 11
1 June 11 June 12
2 June 12 June 15
3 June 15 June 16
4 June 16 June 17
5 June 17 June 18
6 CCPS will seek permission to convert March 16 from a day off to a student day.


For more information about calendars and calendar development, please visit the CCPS School Calendar page.