Board Reviews Return to School Plan


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At the September Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Patty Saelens reviewed the details for bringing specific groups of students back into school buildings for synchronous learning (4 days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) as outlined in the Recovery Plan, Phase 2.  She shared the return date for each group:

  • September 8: Students identified within special populations that require face-to-face instruction due to educational, social/emotional and/or behavioral needs
  • September 14: Students identified as being without connectivity – These students will be provided a space in the building to enable participation in distance learning.
  • September 21: Specified Career and Technology Education (CTE) program students

Dr. Saelens reiterated that these groups of students were identified in the Recovery Plan but no timeline had been set originally. This enabled staff to assess the status of COVID-19 closer to the first day of school on September 8.

“After the return of each student group, we will carefully and cautiously evaluate how we’re doing before moving to bring in the next group,” Dr. Saelens stated. She also shared that every effort is being made to move into the third phase of bringing students into the building as quickly and safely as possible.