Bayside Conference Announces Cancellation of Season


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CCPS received communication from the Bayside Athletic Conference with the following news:

“As of today, every member county currently remains in a virtual learning environment with limited or no on-campus student engagement. Therefore, the Bayside Athletic Conference is canceling the 2020-2021 Winter competition season. Individual county members may provide student-athlete engagement opportunities as they deem safe and appropriate. The conference is continuing to work diligently towards providing Fall and Spring competition seasons.”

Director of Student Services Derek Simmons stated, “We  appreciate how difficult it has been to make these kinds of decisions throughout the course of the pandemic, and thank the Bayside Conference for their work.”

For CCPS specifically, athletics would begin in person practice only after small groups of students are able to return to campus for instructional purposes. This decision was shared in the December 2, 2020, news release Students to Remain Virtual at Least Through Early January.