Back to School / Meet the Teachers Event Changes


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All Back to School / Meet the Teacher events scheduled to be held prior to Sept. 1 have been cancelled. Events scheduled for after Sept. 1 will be re-evaluated at a later time. This change is being made for the safety and well-being of our staff, students and families. 

Interim Superintendent Derek L. Simmons stated, “The Board and I fully support individuals peacefully exercising their first Amendment rights. However, at the Aug. 23 protest at the Board of Education office, employees leaving at the end of the work day were harassed by protesters that blocked or ran beside their vehicles, spoke to them in a threatening and profane manner, and photographed their vehicles and license plates. This was a deeply disturbing experience that left employees understandably shaken. Given those circumstances, we cannot in good conscience conduct large-scale events that will expose children, families, and teachers to threatening and disturbing behavior.”

Board President Jim Newcomb said, “We are saddened that the actions of a small percentage of our school community force us to take measures to protect the entire school community. We know these events occur in other places with other people; we did not expect anything other than civil and peaceful discourse in Caroline County. The mask requirement is not a political issue. Our goal continues to be keeping the school doors open five full days a week for in-person learning for all students. With the constraints we are given by the Maryland Department of Health and the Maryland State Department of Education, we have a much better chance of meeting that goal if everyone is wearing a mask while indoors.”