AMP Students Present Dartboard Project


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Students in the Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) at the Caroline Career and Technology Center (CCTC) recently presented the dartboards they built for their final project. The presentation was attended by members of the CCPS Board of Education, administrators, and many of the program’s business partners.

The project process began in September when guests were invited to the learn about the design process.  Students explained the steps which included researching a product and creating their own Mood Board, which is a visual tool used during a sales or idea pitch. After the sales presentations were complete, guests voted on which design would be produced by all students.

Once the specific design was chosen, production began. Students deconstructed the idea using a technique called napkin sketching.  These sketches were used to determine sizes and measurements, followed by using Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) to create Blueprints and Cutlists. Raw materials were ordered, received, and processed, and manufacturing began, which includes programming a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine to cut out precision parts and pieces. The manufacturing process included cutting, shaping, sanding, assembly, and finishing.

Once finished, many of the same guests returned to watch students explain the production process with the audience. Students also shared the many lessons they learned throughout the process, and stated they appreciated the opportunity to learn soft-skills in addition to manufacturing.

Photos from both presentations may be found on the CCPS Flickr page.