Pre-K Program


CCPS’s pre-kindergarten is a high-quality, full-day pre-kindergarten program. The comprehensive curriculum taught by certified staff supports early learning and school readiness and provides experiences that fosters a child’s academic, social, emotional and physical development.


The purpose of the Caroline County Public Schools (CCPS) Pre-kindergarten Program is to prepare children for Kindergarten.  Again this year, the CCPS Pre-kindergarten Program at all district elementary schools will be operating under a special grant with defined guidelines for enrollment.  Pre-kindergarten will continue to be a full day educational program. Pre-kindergarten children will ride the school bus with other elementary students from their home school.

To qualify for the full day program, children must be determined to meet income guidelines.  Families at all schools must show verification of income. If both parents are working, current W-2’s or work pay stubs showing income for a month may be used for the verification process.  If neither of these documents are available or work is seasonal, parents can prepare a document showing their income for the year. This document, which details the family income, will need to have parent’s signatures and be notarized.  Children cannot be accepted into Pre-kindergarten Program at any elementary school without verification of income.

Children who do not qualify under the Federal income guidelines, but who do meet the CCPS guidelines for other options for enrollment, will be determined eligible.  Parents of children who do not demonstrate any need will receive a letter that informs them that their child does not qualify for the pre-kindergarten program.

How to Apply

Parents/guardians must complete an enrollment packet on the day of registration. Applications will be approved if it is determined students meet first priority criteria. If approved, the school will contact the family to register their child for Pre-K in the upcoming school year.


Angela Gebert
Supervisor of Instruction
[email protected]