Reading & Language Arts


Elementary Reading

Caroline County Public Schools uses a structured literacy approach to teach reading.  Students in Kindergarten through second grade engage in explicit phonics instruction using Wilson’s Fundations program.  Students also engage in grade level foundational reading lessons, that include Heggerty phonemic awareness lessons and decoding activities.  In grades 3-5, students participate in structured word study.   All students engage in Instructional Level Support (ILS) daily.  The ILS block is a time for teachers to address student needs in reading, writing, and language in flexible groups.  This time is utilized for intervention and enrichment in all elementary grades.

Middle & High School English

Middle and high school English course curriculum utilizes My Perspectives English Language Arts, a series published by SAVVAS Learning.  This textbook series and supporting print and online resources align with the Maryland College and Career Ready standards for English Language Arts-Literacy and are a key part of a comprehensive literacy program. The series includes significant print and digital literacy components such as grade level texts, writing prompts, online essay scoring, speaking and listening activities, language study, and assessments.  Additionally, this series includes a robust online teacher and student website to access additional content materials and student supports to meet a range of student needs.

*Pacing is temporarily adjusted for 100% virtual teaching


Renee Hesson
Supervisor of Instruction
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