Instructional Technology


Technology is a critical component of effective student instruction.
Read on for an overview of technologies used in our classrooms.

Classroom Technology

Instructional Tools

CCPS teachers use a variety of technologies and software to enhance instruction. The following are just a few examples. We’re always looking for opportunities to incorporate new technology that will benefit students’ learning.

Agile Minds

Agile Minds is used by teachers to develop robust math and science lessons. It is also used to develop classroom activities, quizzes, and other assessments.


Gizmos provides online math and science simulations for grades 3 – 12. Gizmos uses an inquiry-based approach to learning, which is proven to be highly effective in developing conceptual understanding.

Coding Tools

Coding is an essential literacy tool for modern students. We leverage a variety of grade-appropriate coding platforms to help students learn this skill.

Classroom Management Tools

Teachers use a variety of technology and software platforms to facilitate better communication and classroom management.

Google for Education

Students in grades 3 – 12 have a Google for Education account. This provides students with an opportunity to practice digital communication, creation, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a safe, ad-free, archived environment.

Students in grades 3 – 10 have a closed account, meaning they can only communicate with CCPS students and staff. Students in grades 11 and 12 have open accounts, allowing them to communicate outside CCPS. This enables them to send and receive information regarding college applications, scholarships, potential employment, etc.

We encourage you to learn more about Google for Education safety and privacy policies. If you would like to opt out of having a Google for Education account for your child in grades 3 – 10, please notify your child’s school in writing. If you would like to opt out for a child in grades 11 or 12, please indicate whether you would like to opt out entirely or simply limit your child to a closed account. If you are okay with your child having an account, you do not need to notify the school.


Swivl allows teachers to gather audio and video classroom data. This data is used to help coach teachers and improve student outcomes.


Clever provides a single sign-in portal for students so that they can access a variety of instructional services such as, Digital Passport by Common Sense Media, and our Gale courses database.

Guidance & Accessibility Tools

Guidance counselors and other school staff use technology to help serve students in a variety of ways.


Naviance helps students explore career paths, plan their academics to align with their career goals, and prepare to enter college and/or a career.

Double Robotics

Double Robotics provides students how are home- or hospital-bound with a physical presence at school. This technology allows students to learn from anywhere while enjoying a full school-based experience.

Digital Families

Digital citizenship (how a person interacts with other online users) is a hot topic or both parents and educators. The internet and social media offer many great opportunities for students, but they also present serious concerns. CCPS has compiled information and resources to help modern digital families stay safe and productive online.


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Information Technology Coach
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