Instructional Technology


Technology is a critical component of effective student instruction.
Read on for an overview of technologies used in our classrooms.

Instructional Tools

We use a variety of Digital Tools to provide services and curriculum to our students and enhance instruction, and are always looking for opportunities to incorporate new technology that will benefit students’ learning.

Digital Tools are divided into two categories, Essential and Supplemental:

Essential Digital Tools

These are the tools the school system needs to provide your student with necessary administrative and educational services.

Supplementary Digital Tools

These tools are used to enhance instruction and require students to have a username and password. All of these tools have been vetted for curricular alignment (when applicable) as well as for privacy and accessibility compliance.

If you would like to opt your student out of any Supplementary Digital Tools, please submit a letter to the student's school.

Digital Families

Digital citizenship (how a person interacts with other online users) is a hot topic or both parents and educators. The internet and social media offer many great opportunities for students, but they also present serious concerns. CCPS has compiled information and resources to help modern digital families stay safe and productive online.


Amy Shepler
Supervisor of Instruction
410.479.1460 | [email protected]

Lindsay Grow
Instructional Technology Coach
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