Finance & Budget


The CCPS Finance Office is focused on supporting public education in Caroline County through sound fiscal management. We oversee the school system's budget, accounting, grants, internal auditing and financial reporting.

Operating Budget

CCPS develops its annual operating budget through a series of internal and public meetings. The first public meeting regarding the development of the next fiscal year’s budget usually takes place in December. Several additional public meetings take place in January, and the final budget is presented to the Caroline County Commissioners in early February.

Financial Statements

Audited financial statements are due to MSDE by September 30th each year. CCPS’s financial statements are prepared by TGM Group LLC of Salisbury, MD.

Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Resources

MSDE Staff and Student Publications

MSDE Selected Financial Data

MSDE Report Card

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Retiree Insurance Payments

MySchoolBucks is an online option for retirees wanting to make insurance payments online using a debit/credit card. MySchoolBucks has a FREE mobile app that is available for both iPhone and Android users in the App Store or Play Store.

MySchoolBucks Online Payments

MySchoolBucks COBRA Payments

Erin Thornton, CPA
410.479.3263 x 1124 | [email protected]

Marsha Tull
Fiscal Specialist – AP
410.479.3263 x 1120 | [email protected]

Ruth Miller
Fiscal Specialist – AR
410.479.3263 x 1123 | [email protected]

Jill Hignutt, CPA
410.479.3263 x 1122 | [email protected]

Sally Swanda
Payroll Specialist
410.479.3263 x 1136 | [email protected]

Michele Sartwell
Payroll Specialist
410.479.3263 x 1121 | [email protected]