Technology Services


The CCPS Technology Services department maintains and implements the hardware, software, and IT policies necessary for a successful 21st century school system. We pursue innovative technology solutions to support staff and teachers. Student safety and privacy is always our number one priority.


Office Location

Central Office Annex (Warehouse)
414 Gay St
Denton, MD 21629
T: 410.479.1464
F: 410.479.4205

Information Technology (IT)

Wayne C. Wiley
Supervisor of Technology
410.479.1464 | [email protected]

Mark Cauffman
Coordinator of Network Services
410.479.1464 | [email protected]

Robert (Jason) Wielgosz
Network Services Support Technician
410.479.1464 | [email protected]

Suzanne Jones
MIS System Coordinator
410.479.3257 x1126 | [email protected]

Charles Ackerson
Data Systems Manager
410.479.3257 x1125 | [email protected]

Josh Rein
Data Systems & Energy Management Coordinator
410.479.1463  x1230 | [email protected]

Instructional Technology

Lindsay Grow
Technology Instructional Teacher Specialist
410.479.1460 x1143 | [email protected]

Cheryl Lawrence
Instructional Technology Coordinator
410.479.2896 x1151 | [email protected]

Steve Hovland
Technology Teacher Specialist
410.479.1464 | [email protected]

Bob Thomas
Technology Teacher Specialist
410.479.1464 | [email protected]