Facilities & Maintenance


The Facilities & Maintenance Department researches, coordinates, and supervises all aspects of the building maintenance, upgrade, renovation, and construction phases for the Caroline County Public Schools system.

Use of Facilities

Our facilities are available for public use. An approved Building Use Request is required to use any CCPS facilities.

Instructions to Reserve CCPS Facilities

  1. Login to SchoolDude (or create a new account) using the button below
  2. Complete all requested information, including as much detail as possible
  3. A submittal password is required to submit the form. The password is: kids

Important Information About Building Use Requests

Each request must receive approval from three (3) sources. You may be contacted by multiple individuals with follow-up questions to your request.

Please contact us to verify the status of your request. You may reach us at 410.479.1210 or [email protected].

Fees may be assessed for use of CCPS facilities.

  • Fees for custodians will be charged beginning one half hour before the scheduled activity, ending one half hour after. A minimum of two (2) hours will be charged.
  • If required, cafeteria personnel are assigned by the cafeteria manager. A minimum of two (2) hours will be charged for cafeteria personnel.
  • All stage lighting and sound system equipment may be charged a rental fee and requires the services of a stage lighting operator designated by the school principal.
  • Parking lot lighting is automatically charged for any activity in progress after dark. Charges accumulate until lights are no longer necessary to support the activity.
  • Air conditioning requires pre-approval of the Assistant Superintendent. Chillers will not be turned on during summer break without prior approval. Chiller charges must include a three (3) hour minimum.
  • Portable toilet rental is the responsibility of the person or organization making the request. Prior approval from the building administrator is necessary.

current Projects

Energy Management

The CCPS energy management strategy addresses three key objectives:

  • Minimize the amount of money spent operating and maintaining our facilities
  • Create a positive environment for student learning
  • Minimize our environmental impact whenever possible


Building & Controls Data

We use a variety of building controls to automatically adjust lighting and HVAC systems as needed. This ensures energy use matches actual demand. Real-time data lets us confirm and adjust our settings as needed. We also compare our energy usage across multiple days with similar conditions (temperature, rain, cloudiness, etc.) to identify outliers that may indicate a problem. This enables us to take a proactive approach to maintenance and energy management that results in significant savings over time.


Solar Fields

Photovoltaic (PV) solar fields are installed at most school sites throughout Caroline County. These systems generate many megawatts of electricity that are used in our schools.

Cow and goats near solar farm
Geothermal Systems

CCPS uses geothermal systems to heat and cool many of our buildings. These systems are extremely efficient and offer significant savings.

Facilities Master Plan

Each year, the Facilities & Maintenance staff develop a Facilities Plan. You may view the most recent version here:

CCPS Facilities Contacts

Charles (Chuck) Petrick
Supervisor of School Construction & Maintenance
410.479.1463  x 1228 | [email protected]

Brett Morton
Supervisor of Plant Operations
410.479.1463  x 1229 | [email protected]