About CCPS


Caroline County Public Schools serves over 5,800 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. We provide a progressive, academically challenging education that prepares students for higher education, careers, and life. 


In partnership with families and community, we prepare all students to achieve college, career, and life readiness through a challenging and progressive educational experience.



Every student will be prepared, empowered and inspired to thrive in an ever-changing and diverse world.


Core Values

  • Students must be educated to thrive in the world that will exist in their future.
  • Students learn best in an empathetic, safe and healthy environment.
  • All students are entitled to equitable resources, services and opportunities to learn.
  • Trust is built by acting honestly, openly, ethically and respectfully.
  • Parterships with and among students, staff, families, and community are essential to our mission.
  • Efficient and effective operations have an important impact on student learning.

Facts about CCPS


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CCPS Committees

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

CCPS recognizes the importance of parental and community input in the general operation of the school district and in the development of budgets and policies. The CAC provides advice to the Board and Superintendent on specific issues impacting educational policy, activities, programs and school calendar. The committee may choose to study and report on educational issues of countywide concern.

The CAC is comprised of one citizen from each of the 10 school areas and a director appointed by the superintendent to serve as the facilitator and contact person. Each year, members of the Board of Education and school principals alternate the responsibility of nominating a citizen to serve a two-year term on the CAC. The nominees are approved by the Board. The committee meets five times a year beginning in October.

Contact: Derek Simmons, Director of Student Services, [email protected]


School System Improvement Council (SSIC)

The SSIC is comprised of representatives from each school's School Improvement Council and a representative from Caroline County Recreation and Parks. The SSIC is chaired by the director of student services and meets monthly throughout the year to discuss matters such as the school calendar and various policies.

Contact: Derek Simmons, Director of Student Services, [email protected]


Digital Families Committee

Caroline County Public Schools recognizes the importance of helping students and their families make educated online decisions. CCPS is proud to partner with several other Caroline County agencies to form the Digital Families Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide resources and learning opportunities for Caroline families to help them make informed decisions regarding their child's online life. In addition to CCPS, the committee includes members from the Caroline County Public Library, the Caroline County Sheriff's Department, the Caroline County Department of Social Services, the State's Attorney's Office, and Caroline County Parks and Recreation.

Contact: Amy Shepler, Technology Integration Specialist, [email protected]


Equity & Excellence in Education

Every student deserves an education that prepares him or her for lifelong learning and success in the world today. Educational equity means every student has access to the resources and educational rigor they need at the right moment; and that personal and social identifiers [such as ability, age, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity, language, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status are valued as an asset.

If we are successful in driving greater educational equity, each and every CCPS student will have access to educational opportunities that meet their needs and prepares them to become empowered learners.

Cultural proficiency is a key component of CCPS’ commitment to educational excellence and to ensure an equitable work environment for all CCPS staff. A primary goal is to promote student achievement and equity through culturally responsive classroom practices and resources that best meet the needs of a diverse student population. An accelerated and equitable learning environment enables students to become empowered learners and to understand and appreciate our community’s diverse cultures. It prepares students to live, learn and participate productively in our increasingly diverse society. Being culturally aware is a continuous, integrated, multi-ethnic, multi-disciplinary process necessary for all students to become college and career ready. Cultural factors and equity include but are not limited to ability, age, ethnicity, family structures, gender, gender expression, gender identity, language, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

All CCPS staff will advocate in ways that honor the differences among cultures, value diversity, and interact knowledgeably and respectfully among a variety of cultural groups. This pursuit will require the recognition of any existing biases and the need for advancement towards cultural proficiency.

Equity Resources provided by the Maryland State Department of Education

Contact: Nicole Fisher, Supervisor of Alternate Programs, [email protected]

Volunteer Opportunities

Caroline County Public Schools encourages and welcomes school volunteers. We invite parents, families, and community members to engage in volunteer activities in our schools – from pre-kindergarten to high school – and to become partners in teaching and learning.

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more.

About Caroline County


Caroline County is a rural, agricultural community located in the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We pride ourselves on positive relationships and partnerships with the county’s governmental agencies, local businesses, and our community as a whole. We believe it is this foundation that enables us to provide a progressive, academically challenging education that prepares students for higher education, careers, and life.