2020-2025 Strategic Plan


In January 2019, the Strategic Planning Committee came together to engage in frank conversations, thought-provoking work sessions, and careful research and assessment of the current state and future direction of Caroline County Public Schools. We are proud to share the results of those efforts in the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.


What We Do

In partnership with families and community, we prepare all students  to achieve college, career, and life readiness through a challenging and progressive educational experience.


What We Want to Be

We envision that every student will be prepared, empowered and inspired to thrive in an ever-changing and diverse world.

Core Values

What We Believe

  • Students must be educated to thrive in the world that will exist in their future.
  • Students learn best in an empathetic, safe and healthy environment.
  • All students are entitled to equitable resources, services and opportunities to learn.
  • Trust is built by acting honestly, openly, ethically and respectfully.
  • Partnerships with and among students, staff, families and community are essential to our mission.
  • Efficient and effective school system operations have an important impact on student learning.

Goals: Where Our Focus Lies

Academic Excellence

Provide equitable access to relevant, engaging curriculum and experiences that develop the knowledge and skills needed for college, career, and life readiness.


Foster an environment that supports the social, emotional and physical well-being of students.


Create equitable opportunities to learn by providing resources according to each student's unique needs.


Ensure meaningful avenues of communication with and among students, staff, families and community.

infographic, portrait of a graduate


Portrait of a Caroline Graduate shares the core competencies that articulate our community’s aspirations for all of students. We envision our graduates to be:

  • academically knowledgeable
  • effective communicators
  • self-directed, empowered learners
  • critical thinkers and skilled problem solvers
  • balanced and well-rounded
  • empathetic and compassionate
  • collaborative, resilient and flexible
  • ethical, responsible, globally-aware citizens

Strategic Plan Presentations

Jan. 2020 Board of Education Meeting - Communications Goal

Feb. 2020 Board of Education Meeting - Equity Goal

March 2020 Board of Education Meeting - Wellness Goal

April 2020 Board of Education Meeting - Academic Goal